Scottish Celtic Harmonica
Scottish Celtic Harmonica

Well folks, as we all know and to put it mildly, these last few months have been a very peculiar, difficult and horrible time for so many people the world over. We must be positive however, and look forward to a better future when this horrible virus thing subsides.

To that end, Donnie, Martainn and myself (the Donald Black Band) have been putting together some new material for when the opportunity for playing live gigs resumes:- hoping (fingers crossed) that that will not be too far down the line.

Meanwhile, please continue to stay safe and well.


Donald Black, “the instrument’s foremost exponent in Scottish Traditional Music” (Scotland on Sunday), received his first harmonica from a kindly aunt at the tender age of four. He is totally self-taught and with his own unique style and mastery (using it as a lead instrument) has single-handedly been responsible for the harmonica having been given a new respect and acceptance, forcing aficionados, professionals and reviewers to sit up and take it seriously as a significant part of the Scottish Traditional Music scene.

Throughout the years of his recording career Donald has enjoyed extensive radio play and has made TV appearances both at home and abroad, has played many concerts and festivals to hugely appreciative audiences in his native Scotland, as well as England, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Denmark, Russia and the U.S.A. – taking his Scottish Celtic Harmonica from Moscow to Kansas City, Chicago to Stornoway. He features strongly in the German TV harmonica documentary Imagination is Limitless and is mentioned in four books: The Encyclopaedia of the Harmonica by Peter KrampertHarmonicas for Dummies by Winslow YerxaDie Mundharmonica by Cristoph Wagner and Fifty Cents and a Boxtop by Charlie McCoy.

Donald has twice guested/performed at the U.K. National Harmonica League (N.H.L.) in Bristol, England and at the Annual Convention of the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica (S.P.A.H.) in Kansas City and Tulsa, U.S.A.